I am versatile and proactive with a wide range of skills and abilities. Multilingual, creative, and professional—and armed with a strong knowledge of business, I offer great value to clients and employers. 


I work for Liquid Agency where I produce worldwide internal communications for Walmart and all subsidiaries. As part of a team, I am directly involved in the creation and execution of projects across print and digital media. We aim to improve communications and public perception via strategic changes to brand, culture, and benefits—enabling the world's largest workforce to prosper and run more effectively. In addition to this work I am usually engaged on a variety of other projects and accounts.

With almost 15 years of professional experience and a robust and varied skillset, I bring valuable capabilities to employers and clients. Dependable and proactive, I have expert knowledge of design, photography, sports, adventure travel, creative management, foreign languages (French/Spanish), and more.

I am an animal lover, explorer, and athlete. In my free time you can find me doing freelance, having a beer on a patio, on a basketball court, mountaintop, or on an adventure in some remote corner of the world.

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